I spent lots of time with my best friend ✨

First time I’m writing blog and feeling quite ” nervous “

So, it’s about my best friend on the friendship day, 2nd of august, 2020. It’s not easy to make friends in today’s world, or I can say, not easy for an introvert, just like I’m. I feel difficulties whenever I talk to a stranger, feel shy and uncomfortable AF. 

The first thing that comes to my mind is, “what if the unknown misunderstands me!? ” 

As human beings we just ended up judging people on our point of view. Even I do this disgusting stuff sometimes. 

Sorry, I got distracted from my topic! 

Approx, four years ago, I was solving math problems and the boring subject inspired me to write a random poem on the last page on my copy. Honestly speaking I wrote a silly poem over how much I hate mathematics and the way it gives me headache. 

It was the staring but with time I had started writing poems, quotes and short stories. 

Here’s still the same problem I was facing. I never showed any of them to anybody,I was afraid of their judgements. They might not like them, might make jokes on them. Instead of these thoughts I posted something on social media and people liked it. I was happy but at night when I got an offensive comment, got sad and almost decided to stop writing. 

Also, was thinking,

” It’s normal to have good and bad feedback both “, and it strikes me hard. 

I realized that exactly what I hate or afraid of, I’m doing with my writings. I just allowed people to make judgement on what I write, where they’re a part of mine, what I think, what I imagine . 

If the pen and paper is not judging me then who are they to judge? 

That day I got confidence that what I write on paper with the ink will never gonna judge me, but yes, if I believe in what I write, it’ll give me confidence to write anything I want to. Moreover it’ll provide me courage to be judged by people and power to improve from them. 

Now, I can say I was not wrong. Whenever I take a paper and a pen, the white pages always motivate me to write anything. They don’t judge me and may be, it’s the reason I feel free to disclose my shitty thoughts to the people and never feel low if they express any kind of thoughts which is the perfect opposite of mine. 

I had cognized, 

If I can trust every shits that I do, there’s nobody who can downcast me. Because it works for everybody, there are differences in standpoint and voice. 

Wanna say that , it’s thousand times greater to believe in yourself than changing people’s beliefs. 

However, my habit of writing helps me to get the simple reference, I made it my best friend. 

Lastly two lines for my bestie:

“Writing takes care of

My words of happiness, sadness, and loneliness ,all of these three emotions which are only mine and immensely own…”

(Thanks for reading this mess)